Buying a house is one of the most important economic transactions in a person’s life. Purchase proposal, preliminary contract, deposit, mortgage, deed … many operations, rules, checks, documents, commitments, types of purchase. From the very first step, it is advisable to have a notary by your side, so that he can protect you and advise you on how to carry out the entire process in total safety.

House purchase: legal rules

Buying a home is certainly one of the most important economic operations in the life of a person and in order to protect its citizens better the State requires that the contract be drawn up by an impartial public official who is a specialist in this area: the notary.

By law, the notary acts as a third party who is independent of both seller and buyer, ensuring that the conveyance of the property complies with all legal requirements. For this reason it is recommended that the purchaser (usually the weaker party in the transaction) contact his own notary from the start of the negotiations, before signing a proposal to purchase or preliminary contract, since these already represent a binding commitment; in this way, every aspect of the transaction to be entered into can be considered together with the notary.


The choice of notary is absolutely free (the choice must not be imposed by the estate agent or the bank providing a mortgage), and it is up to the purchaser, who is required to pay the fees unless otherwise agreed with the seller.

The choice of notary, then, should be guided by the confidence the client has in him, the amount of time he is willing to spend and the advice given to ensure a safe purchase. If one does not know a notary, one can go to the nearest one.