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Notaries of Europe Welcome Application of European Regulations on Matrimonial Property Regimes and Registered Partnerships

European Regulations 2016/1103 on matrimonial property regimes and 2016/1104 on the property consequences of registered partnerships are now applicable as part of an enhanced cooperation procedure currently involving 18 Member States


“EU Law at the Service of Citizens” – 4th Notaries of Europe Congress

Notaries of Europe gather in Spain to improve consumer protection in the digital environment and company mobility


Verona from 27 to 29 October 51st National Congress of Notaries: “Affection and Wealth in the Changing Family”

Recent regulatory changes, social pressures, changes in the mode of application of the constitutional principles of equality, solidarity and the right to the full development of the individual exercise the jurist more and more in seeking tools and solutions that are more consistent with the real needs of citizens.


#Notariesopenday: on 25 October, Lessons in Legality from Notaries for 15,000 Italian Students

To mark the European Day of Civil Justice 87 cities also host the active provision of free basic information about homes, family and businesses


“The Home as a Primary Asset”: Notaries and Consumer Associations Take to the Streets to Inform the Public

21 September 2016 in Cagliari, Catania, Como, Roma, Salerno


Notaries of Europe Welcome Proposals for Matrimonial Property Regimes and Registered Partnerships


Notaries and Consumer Associations Present “The Citizen’s Bill of Rights in Dealings with a Notary”

The bill of rights is a model that the Notariat, first in Italy among professional associations in the economic and legal area, is offering in collaboration with consumer groups to help citizens orient themselves in a knowledgeable way with regard to notarial services. Notaries are continuing their drive to reduce the information gap to the benefit of the user, who has a right to a highly qualified professional service. Full information on the services offered is one of the pillars of modern notarial activity.


Italian Trade Agency (ICE) and the Notariat: Signing of Agreement for the Promotion and Internationalisation of Italian Companies


The Notariat Proposes “Rent to Buy” to Encourage a Pickup in The Real Estate Market


Anti-corruption Drive Launch of Technical Discussions between National Anti-corruption Authorities and the Notariat


Italian Notariat, the Ministry of Economic Development, the agency for the promotion of Italian companies together for the Country’s competitiveness

Support to Italian companies in international markets and to foreign investors in Italy, participation in international governmental missions, startups, consulting on mini-bond for SMEs. These are the projects the National Council of Notaries is developing with the Ministry of Economic Development, the Agency for the Promotion of Italian Companies and Small industry – Confindustria, presented during the 49th national meeting titled: “the contribution of the Notariat for the competitiveness of the country”.


Living Together: Notaries and Consumer Associations Explain the Rules And Remedies of Life Together


Purchase at Auction: A Safe Alternative Way to Buy a Home – Advice from Notaries and Consumer Associations


Matrimonial Property Regimes and Property Consequences of Registered Partnerships: More Legal Certainty for 16 Million International Couples in Europe


The First University of the World Notariat to Study International Laws to Combat Money-laundering


The Notariat’s Five Proposals for the Country’s Modernisation and Competitive Development