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Simplified “S.R.L.”

What it is

The simplified limited liability company (SRLS) is a form of “s.r.l.” recently introduced by parliament to encourage entrepreneurship. It applies to business persons with no age limit, but the shareholders of an “S.r.l.s.” may only be individuals, not companies or other bodies. In this case, too, the company may be composed of a single shareholder.

Unlike the “normal S.r.l.” there is a minimum share capital of one euro and a maximum of €9,999.99. The capital must be fully paid in cash to the administrative body at the time the company is set up.

The articles of association must be drawn up as a public deed by a notary in accordance with a standard model prescribed by law that cannot be changed (the clauses of the standard model are mandatory). Therefore, there is no statute in a technical sense, but there are standard clauses provided by the legislature. No notarial fees are payable.