From the setting up of a company to its dissolution: types of business, opportunities, risks, procedures, responsibilities, national and transnational regulations. The notary can help you get oriented immediately and take the most suitable, efficient and safe path for your specific needs while ensuring transparency and legality.

Srl Online


How to set up a company using the online procedure

Legislative Decree no. 183/2021, which implemented EU Directive 2019/1151 of the European Parliament and of the European Council of 20 June 2019, made it possible to set up a limited liability company and a simplified limited liability company using a procedure that takes place entirely online under the control of the notary.

Notaries have been drawing up fully digital public documents for many years. Since 15 December 2021 it has also been possible for the notary to produce a deed of incorporation of an S.r.l. as a computerised public deed with the participation by videoconference of all or some of the parties involved.

In order to set up a company using this entirely online procedure, it is necessary that the company being incorporated be based in Italy and that the capital sums be paid by bank transfer into the notary’s trust account, which is held pursuant to Article 1, Paragraph 63 of Law no. 147 of 27 December 2013.

The deed can be signed using a digital signature or other type of authorised electronic signature. In order to allow this method of signing, the notary can, by using the platform, issue a suitable electronic signature to any party who is without one.

The procedure has been designed to ensure safety and reliability, as is the case for any other notarial deed. In fact, it is conducted through a computerised platform entirely produced and managed by the National Council of Notaries. During this procedure and by way of the platform, the notary – in addition to carrying out the usual checks on the legality of the deed and offering specialist legal advice – verifies and certifies the identity of the parties and the validity of the signature certificates used; all this is done by means of electronic identification, assuring a high standard of safety. The platform also ensures the continuous connection of the parties by videoconference, the display of the deed to be signed, the conservation of the deed once it has been stipulated and the tracking of each activity.


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