From the setting up of a company to its dissolution: types of business, opportunities, risks, procedures, responsibilities, national and transnational regulations. The notary can help you get oriented immediately and take the most suitable, efficient and safe path for your specific needs while ensuring transparency and legality.

Who can be a shareholder

The following persons may set up and own a company:

  • Anyone who is an Italian, EU or EFTA citizen
  • Any non-EU citizen for whom the condition of reciprocity has been verified
  • Any non-EU citizen who holds a residence permit or a visa valid for occupation as an employee or for self-employment, for the running of an individual business, for family reasons, for humanitarian reasons or for reasons of study, and their family members who have valid residency
  • A citizen of one of the countries with which Italy has concluded bilateral agreements on investment promotion and protection (so-called BITs)
  • A stateless person or refugee provided they have been resident in Italy for at least three years.

Minors, too, and incapacitated and legally incompetent individuals may become shareholders by way of a series of specific permissions. This is the case where a child inherits a shareholding; or where there is a shareholding by a person for whom a supporting administrator has been appointed. Given that these are very special cases, in-depth advice from a notary is needed before any decisions are made.