Bergamo: Free Notarial Advice for Inmates Now Possible



Press Release

Bergamo, 28 May 2012 – The free consulting service on notarial matters that has been available to Bergamo’s citizens since 2007 has now been extended to the inmates of the Casa Circondariale in Via Gleno.  

The Notarial Council of Bergamo, by way of volunteer notaries belonging to the local College, is offering inmates free professional advice for the resolution of legal problems in matters of inheritance, civil or company law, including the preparation of notarial acts such as the recognition of children, the sale of motor vehicles, powers of attorney, etc.  Those taking advantage of this service are liable for the stamp duty on the acts.

The Casa Circondariale, by way of its Director, is expected to advise which inmates need notarial assistance, to let the notaries into the facility and to provide a workspace suitable for the purpose.

The volunteer notaries are coordinated by Giuliana Quarti, notary and former voluntary assistant under Article 17 of the Penitentiary Laws.

The Agreement, signed on 23 May 2012, is the first of its kind in Italy. It does not foresee any payment by the Penitentiary Administration. It has a duration of one year and is tacitly renewable for another year. 

“The Notarial Council of Bergamo is very pleased with this initiative,” declares Pier Luigi Fausti, President of the Notarial Council of Bergamo. “Our interest is in assisting all citizens to protect their own interests in the best possible manner, assisting them in the most important and delicate moments of their lives, allowing them always to make active, aware decisions. Even when they are deprived of their personal liberty. This initiative, evidence of a laudable sensitivity, civility and awareness on the part of the Director of the Casa Circondariale, began in Bergamo, a further reason for satisfaction”.

“This initiative meets real and practical needs for the inmates of our penal institution,” adds Antonino Porcino, Director of the Casa Circondariale of Bergamo. “It is without doubt a good practice which we shall recommend to the Regional Superintendency of the Penitentiary Administration in Milan as an example of successful collaboration and the integration of our facility into the local community.  I wish to thank the notaries of Bergamo for their availability and ready cooperation”. 

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