Naples: “Orientation for New Graduates – Lawyers and the Future: the Jobs Market, Expectations and Prospects”



On 17 May 2012 a round table was held in Naples, in the Arcoleo Hall of the Faculty of Law at the Federico II University. The subject was  “Orientation for New Graduates – Lawyers and the Future: the Jobs Market, Expectations and Prospects”, organised by the university association “Gli Amici Di Giurisprudenza”  (Friends of the Law) and sponsored by the Federico II University of Naples.

Representing the Notariat at the round table was Notary Paolo Guida, Director of the “Emanuele Casale” Notarial School of the Campania Districts, whose address covered various questions regarding the notarial profession, including the procedure for becoming a notary, the training needed, the State examination, the period of articles, but also professional duties and ethics. Other very practical subjects were covered regarding the skills required of a notary in carrying out the profession and the challenges a notary faces in his everyday work.

The subject of the Magistracy was addressed by Dr Francesco Cananzi of the National Association of Magistrates and that of Administrative Magistracy by Dr Paolo Corciulo, a Councillor with the Regional Tribunal in Naples. The subjects of the University and Research were treated by Prof. Giuliana Di Fiore of the Federico II University while the practice of law as a profession was handled by Counsellor Pasquale Mautone, State Advocate Paolo Del Vecchio, Civil Law advocate Pasquale Fuccio and Criminal Law advocate Catello Vitiello.

In order to facilitate the students’ professional training, they received a certificate at the end of the meeting which will allow them to visit the various institutions where these professions are carried on (Notarial School, law-courts, Regional Tribunal).

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During this health and economic emergency, Europe’s 45,000 notaries are personally and collectively committed to playing their full role in the community effort to overcome the pandemic and to mitigate as far as possible the significant personal losses that are and will be suffered by large numbers of citizens



Thanks to these two Regulations, the conflict of laws rules are now unified between the Member States participating in the enhanced cooperation to determine the applicable law and the competent court which will decide on the division of assets in the event of separation of the couple or death



Produced with financial support from the European Commission, this website provides information on the evidentiary value of authentic acts drawn up in the 22 countries of the European Union familiar with notarial practice in matters of succession and family law



He succeeds Spanish notary José Manuel García Collantes.



From today he is President of the 40,000 notaries of the European Union – He takes over from Mr Paolo Pasqualis



These stories, from times past and present, emerge from the provisions of the last wills and testaments of famous men and women as well as of ordinary people. They make interesting and in some cases even comical reading. Those who choose to give a noble end to their existence through a charitable bequest turn their will into a story of love for their fellow man and send a message of hope to new generations.