We are an institution established in Italy and now active in 91 countries around the world.  A Notary carries out preventive legality checks, ensuring that every notarial deed abides by the law and the will of the parties. A Notary’s activities are audited by the State, the Tax Authorities and the Ministry of Justice.


The Notariat works with 12 of the most important and representative consumer associations which all belong to the National Council of Consumers and Users based at the Ministry of Economic Development: Adiconsum, Adoc, Altroconsumo, Assoutenti, Casa del Consumatore, Cittadinanzattiva, Confconsumatori, Federconsumatori, Lega Consumatori, Movimento Consumatori, Movimento Difesa del Cittadino, Unione Nazionale Consumatori.

Thanks to the collaboration between the National Councils of Notaries and Consumers, begun in 2005 and formalised in 2006 by a memorandum of understanding, a series of Guides for the Citizen was created: ten Guides for the Citizen, written in simple and effective language, provide information that is indispensable for the purchase of a home (from the builder or at auction), the taking out of a mortgage, the management of assets (inheritance and gifts) and cohabitation.

The Guides may be downloaded free from the internet: go to the TROVE GUIDE section (in Italian).

The Guides are also regularly presented around the country during meetings on particular subjects organised by local Notaries in collaboration with consumer associations.