We are an institution established in Italy and now active in 91 countries around the world.  A Notary carries out preventive legality checks, ensuring that every notarial deed abides by the law and the will of the parties. A Notary’s activities are audited by the State, the Tax Authorities and the Ministry of Justice.

Notartel – Services

  • The Notariat’s Access and Authentication System (Identity and Access Management – IAM) introduces safe access to the services of the Unified Notarial Network and from there to links with the Public Administration.
  • Online Lodgement – Links with the Land Registry Offices (Real Estate Registry), Tax Office, Chambers of Commerce (Registrar of Companies), publication of notices in the Official Gazette, Entratel.
  • On-line Searches – Databases of the Land Registry, National Taxation Office, the Registrar of Companies, database of Cultural Heritage constraints on architectural and archaeological heritage (“Vincolinrete”), property registry of Friuli Venezia Giulia.
  • Digital Signatures (Link to – The qualified digital signature issued by the National Council of Notaries also certifies the “function”. Since 2009 Notartel s.p.a. has achieved UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 compliance for the “Provision of digital signature services, as required by CNIPA, on behalf of the National Council of Notaries.”
  • Certified e-mail (Link to Domain dedicated to certified electronic mail providing the sender with an electronic, legally valid document confirming the sending and delivery of computerised documents. This service has been ISO 9001:2008 certified since the end of 2009.
  • Ordinary e-mail – Two mail domains: one for the personal mail of each notary, the other for mail generated by the profession’s mailing lists.
  • Online Legal Documentation – Archive of legal documentation (studies produced by the National Council of Notaries, jurisprudence of interest, legal literature) (Notarial Database); subscription databases (regulations on IPZS, Supreme Court maxims); specialist online journals.
  • Multimedia Services – Distribution of events of interest to the profession (multimedia audio and video directly from the files available on the net – videoconferencing – Telescuole portal).
  • Conservation compliance and archiving of electronic documents – The system of “Compliant Storage” maintains a digital archive of documents and records relating to the notary’s work that were originally drawn up in electronic form or arising from the storage of analogue documents submitted to the control of the Notarial Archives.
  • Online Notarial Auctions Network (see the section on NOTARIAL AUCTIONS NETWORK). A dedicated web platform of the Italian Notariat for managing auctions by social security institutions, online judicial auctions and online auctions in bankruptcy procedures.
  • Single Roll of Notaries – The name-and-address information of Italian notaries that is available online for citizens and updated by the District Notarial Councils.
  • Anti-Money Laundering Reporting Online – Web interface that allows for anonymous reporting of suspicious transactions to the Financial Intelligence Office.
  • Electronic Civil Trials – Managing the Access Point of the National Council of Notaries whereby notaries interact with the Ministry of Justice’s Polisweb computer system.
  • BARTOLUS – A platform that enables interoperability of digital documents issued by major European notariats (Germany, Spain, France and Italy). The system will soon be expanded by linking to the EUFides platform for the management of cross-border matters: this is managed by the French notariat.
  • Online Help Desk – Designed for management of the Quality System with statistical analysis of interventions for the improvement of existing services and/or the creation of new ones.