We are an institution established in Italy and now active in 91 countries around the world.  A Notary carries out preventive legality checks, ensuring that every notarial deed abides by the law and the will of the parties. A Notary’s activities are audited by the State, the Tax Authorities and the Ministry of Justice.


Notartel S.p.A. is a company founded in 1997 by two partners, the National Council of Notaries and the National Notarial Fund, with the aim of implementing and managing IT and telecommunications services for Italian notaries.

Notartel connects all Italian notaries through a dedicated web platform, the Rete Unitaria del Notariato (RUN, or Unified Notarial Network) created by the Notariat at no cost to the state. Thanks to computerisation of documentary procedures and interaction with the public administration, RUN helps in notaries’ offices to improve the quantity and quality of services to citizens, allowing them to save time in the handling of matters and fulfilling requirements. The system of public registers is thus updated by the Notariat with correct data relating to transactions that pass the prior review of legality required by the law.

The company is engaged in the implementation of IT principles defined by the National Council of Notaries. In recent years, company projects have been reorganised in the light of the Italian and European Digital Agenda, focusing on the issues of digital identity, digital PA, Open Data and Digital Justice.