We are an institution established in Italy and now active in 91 countries around the world.  A Notary carries out preventive legality checks, ensuring that every notarial deed abides by the law and the will of the parties. A Notary’s activities are audited by the State, the Tax Authorities and the Ministry of Justice.

The Computerised Notarial Office

Paperless is the keyword that now characterises the activity of notaries’ offices. The aim is to reduce the time and costs involved in handling matters. The client receives all necessary services from a single professional, the notary, so that the notary’s office truly becomes a one-stop shop. Let’s see in detail what this means:

  • for conveyancing, mortgage and title searches are conducted online via a link to the Territorial Agency;
  • the deed itself may be drawn up on a computer and the transaction is sent online for registration, transcription and transfer often in a single day;
  • for the setting up of a company: once the articles of association have been signed, they are sent online to the Chamber of Commerce and, since September 2014, registration of the deed occurs immediately, reducing from days to hours the time required to start up a business;
  • in those Italian municipalities where the Notarial Councils have entered into specific agreements, furthermore, the notary may apply for identity certificates online directly from the registry.