We are an institution established in Italy and now active in 91 countries around the world.  A Notary carries out preventive legality checks, ensuring that every notarial deed abides by the law and the will of the parties. A Notary’s activities are audited by the State, the Tax Authorities and the Ministry of Justice.

The Digital Signature

The digital signature, as its name implies, replaces the normal signature of the party (and of the notary) on a document. There are various types of electronic signatures, the legal validity of which is indicated in the Digital Administration Code on the basis of how they are issued and the checks imposed on the certifiers who issue them.

Electronic signatures are currently embedded in a chip that can be read via a special reader. In the notary’s office in coming months it will also be possible to use a graphometric signature that is affixed using a digital pen on a tablet or other type of electronic device, without the need to procure a special digital signature.

The affixing of a digital signature does not in and of itself prove that the signature is that of the lawful owner and that is why the intervention of the notary is still necessary to guarantee correspondence between the digital signature and the person who is physically using it.